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GTM Secure is New Siwan based CCTV Camera Dealer, Suppliers and Installation company for sales, repair, deal, camera services, maintenance and AMC. CCTV camera in Siwan is very common now days. We can see CCTV installed everywhere, be it a school classroom, college class room, public library, offices and even public places like metro station. Do we really need CCTV in Siwanis a big question? In terms of security it’s the demand of the present world where one needs to keep a check on everything, everywhere. Earlier it was a very expensive deal. But with the advancement in technology and awareness in the common crowd people have started realizing the importance of cut camera.


It is a closed circuit television camera, which when installed and attached with the monitor can give a detail of every moment. The exact know how of the real situation. There are a number of companies in Siwan NCR dealing with CCTV camera but GTM security has been playing a leading role in the industry. It is a complete system of security in which the circuit is closed and all the parts are directly connected.

Components of CCTV

As mentioned it’s a complete system which includes camera that creates a picture which are transmitted and reflected on the monitor. But there is one problem that cctv camera does not have lens. The monitor is another important part of the whole system where picture clicked by the camera is reflected. These two are major components connected by cables and brackets. One can easily plug in the system and plug off, as and when required. The camera in CCTV system can be IP camera, hd camera, Network recorder system program and digital video recorder program are used under one cctv system. Together these things are responsible for our security at various places.

Companies in Siwan NCR

There are a number of companies in Siwan NCR that deals with CCTV system and related products. This surveillance device is in high demand as the world has been corrupted with the corrupt ideation. Since we are not able to change the system therefore one needs to keep a check on his own domain. How? The answer is CCTV system, which people have realized over period of time also. There are companies dealing with the whole system but on the other hand we can find a number of companies dealing in cameras only. Camera shops are easily available everywhere. One can get the system assemble as well. GTM keeps everything in mind hence it is not only dealing with the whole system rather dealing with the accessories.

Benefits of CCTV

CCTV is the voice of modern man, as the world is not at all safe and we all are multitasking so keeping 24 checks at one place is not possible. Therefore cctv is the best solution to the problem. If you are also looking for the same then buy GTM CCTV or accessories at cost effective rates. The sooner will be the better. Tell your friends to buy these things to have a care free and easy going life without stress.

GTM Secure is reputed in safety and security solution industry in Siwan. We are located in the heart of city and providing our solution to different industries. We are providing safety and security solutions for several applications of different industries. We are providing CCTV Camera services in Siwan as well as many solutions such as fire system, access control system, biometric system, door bell, video door phone, CCTV system and video door phone in Siwan. We are CCTV camera authorised dealers in Siwan of many popular Brands. It’s first priority of every human being to protect his family, home, office, property and belongings. CCTV Camera in Siwan is become essential need of every human beings. CCTV Camera in Siwan is applicable in different application such as Petrol Pump, Toll Plaza, Bank ATM, School, College, Factory, Offices, Warehouses, Jewellery Showroom, Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurant, Shopping Complex, Mall, Corporate Building, Retail Store, Housing Society, Farm Houses, Manufacturing Unit, Departmental Store and Sport Complex. GTM Secure is Authorised CCTV Camera Dealer in Siwan of Different brands such as CP Plus, Dahua, Honeywell, Hikvision, Panasonic, Zicom, LG, Sony, Samsung, Pelco, Axis, Bosch, Keeper, Vintron, Godrej, Sparsh, Avtech, eHawk, Capture and Quantum.

CCTV is closed circuit television (CCTV) is a system in which the video transmitted in closed circuit and all the elements such camera, dvr, display monitor and recording device connected directly. The most use of CCTV is security surveillance solutions in Siwan. We found that today’s CCTV Camera in Siwan is playing important role for security of home, offices, retail shops, hotels, stadiums, conventional centers, banks, government institution, business, cities, highways, street, public events as well as used in traffic surveillances. GTM Secure is providing CCTV Camera installation service, AMC, repair service and maintenance services in Siwan. CCTV Camera Installation and working process is not hard to understand. We are providing different type of CCTV Camera as per your need in Siwan. We are providing CCTV and its complete accessories to customer in Siwan. CCTV Camera Accessories include CCTV, dvr (Digital Video recorder), Hard Disk, Power Supply, Cable and connector in Siwan NCR.

We want to discussion the history of HD technology of CCTV camera systems in Siwan. HD technology is introduced in security industry 2010. HD technology is alternative of traditional of Analog technology and IP video surveillance. HD Analog technology is delivering high definition video over coaxial cabling and reduced operational and installation complexity. HD Analog (AHD) CCTV camera in Siwan is become more demanding because of its cost effective and more efficient technology. HD Analog technology has the measurable benefits as compare to other technology such as megapixel resolution, simple installation, zero latency, low cabling requirement, longer transmission and cost effective in Siwan NCR. GTM Secure is leading company of CCTV camera installation, repairing, maintenance and servicing in Siwan. We are also working as dealer and distributors of CCTV camera in Siwan of many popular brands. We are suppliers and providers of CCTV camera to different shop of Siwan.

Since the introduction of HD technology in 2010, many companies develop the different format of HD technology such as HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD technology in Siwan. All formats have same basic benefit and have unique set of capabilities and compatibilities.

HD TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface is the latest HD analog technology in Siwan. HD-TVI solutions are capable of transmitting zero latency 720p or 1080p HD video over standard coaxial cabling up to 1600. HDTVI Tri Brid DVR is compatible with all analog, all HDTVI cameras and supported IP cameras on any channel and in any configuration. HD TVI offers comparable resolutions to other HD CCTV formats a high quality images, is capable longer transmission and is most flexible option for camera compatibility, hybrid capabilities and overall configurability in Siwan. HD TVI have capabilities max resolution is 1080p, transmission distance for coaxial cable (RG59) is 1600’ and twisted pair (CAT5) is 700’, DVR input compatibility for analog, HD, IP (Analog – all cameras, on any channel, in any configuration| any hd TVI Camera, on any channel, in any configuration | supported IP cameras, on 2 channel, in any configuration) and standard protocol is open sources.  HD TVI have biggest limitation is 1080p full HD resolutions. HD TVI technology is used by HIKVISION.

HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) was fast introduced to video security market. HD SDI is capable of transmitting 720p and 1080p resolution video over standard coaxial cable. HD SDI recorders are compatible with branded HD SDI cameras and limited analog camera in limited configuration. HD-SDI offers comparable resolutions to HD CCTV formats and arguably produces the highest quality images. HD-SDI technology is only capable for shorter video transmission distance. HD SDI technology is used by CP Plus.

HD CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) technology is first introduced by Chinese CCTV camera manufacturer Dahua. HD CVI technology is capable to provide video transmission on coaxial cable up 1080p and 720p.  HD CVI DVR is compatible with all analog camera and all branded camera with limited configuration. HDCVI have maximum resolution upto 1080p. Transmission distance is 1300’ (720p) and 1600’ (1080) with coaxial cable RJ-56 and 650’ with twisted pair Cat 5. The major benefits of HD CVI technology is for Supported up to 960H analog, 720p and 1080p HD SDI cameras, Transmit with zero latency over standard coaxial cabling, Backwards compatible with all analog cameras and standard coaxial cabling, Feature digital zoom capabilities in both live and playback mode and Hybrid recorder accept select standard definition analog (CIF-960H) and Like Branded HD-CVI (720P & 1080P).

AHD (Analog High Definition) capabilities are higher maximum resolution 720. Transmission distance is 1600’ for coaxial cable (RJ-59) and 492’ for cat-5. DVR input compatibility is all cameras on limited channel and limited configuration for analog, in HD camera (all branded AHD Camera on any channel and any configuration. 

GTM Secure is CCTV camera dealer in Siwan and providing surveillance solution to customers. We are providing complete solution to a customer from understand the need o customer, provide suitable security surveillance to customer need, design the structure of projects, providing the material and accessories of cctv camera,  provide installation and cabling, AMC, repair and maintenance services. We are providing complete solution of safety and security products in Siwan. GTM CCTV Camera dealers in Siwan are making aware of customer about CCTV that what you need before buying a CCTV system. How CCTV camera price in Siwan can affect you need of surveillance? So you need to understand that security and safety is more important rather than the price of CCTV Camera. Out Dealer will explain you the complete cost of CCTV camera in Siwan. We will explain you about type of CCTV camera which is best for your need. We will explain you about indoor CCTV camera, outdoor CCTV camera, Motion Detector cameras, Adjustable Cameras, wireless technology and camera with security system. GTM Secure is providing CCTV in Siwan of different type such as Box Camera, Bullet camera, PTZ Camera, Day/Night Camera, IR (Infrared Camera), Dome Camera, Covert/Desktop/Board Cameras, Discreet Cameras, Outdoor Camera, Indoor Camera, Varifocal Camera, Network / IP Camera, Wireless Camera, PTZ / Speed Camera, HD Camera, Zoom Camera and Wifi Camera.


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